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The Safe Solution® is a remarkable deep-cleaning traction enhancer that has been field tested and proven in hotels, restaurants, office entryways, nursing homes, health clubs, industrial areas, and in recreational facilities, including tiled decks surrounding pools and spas.

Our Products & Services Include:

Traction Enhancement

Our Traction Enhancing Formulas have been documented to meet and exceed all coefficient of friction testing.

Cleaning Formulas

We provide you with proven cleaning formulas that clean and rejuvenate the toughest of surfaces. At work or home, these are the only cleaners you will ever need.

Universal Application System

Our universal application system, developed by our specialists, has been optimized to provide the best possible results.

Floor Care Safety Program

We establish an exclusive Safety Program to reduce the risk of Slip & Fall incidents and to document the efforts to limit liability.

Safe Solution® and Clean Step™
A Winning Combination

The Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment is used at Auto Dealerships, Pool Facilities, Malls, Restaurants, and much more…

Stop Slipping

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We have over 30 years experience with hard surface flooring safety and solutions.
We provide smart, cost effective solutions to restore, revive and rejuvenate all types of hard surface flooring.

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