Floor Safety Products That Help Prevent Workplace Injuries  

Purchasing floor safety products that help prevent workplace injuries is truly a smart financial decision. Not only does mitigating risk help ensure the safety of individuals within your business, it also better protects against lawsuits.

Simply enter in “slip and fall injuries in BC “ in a Google search, and plenty of lawyers are at the ready to represent slip and fall cases. As seen here, where a personal injury lawyer writes:

“A homeowner or a business owner must take steps to ensure the safety of visitors like you. If an owner does not take steps to make sure you are safe, and you fall and hurt yourself, the owner is responsible for paying you for your injuries.”

Well over 10,000 BC residents submit claims at a cost of over $200 million in workers compensation each year. This makes slip and fall injuries one of the costliest workplace accidents in BC.

The good news; this is preventable – and Vancouver Floor Safety can help!

Floor Safety Products That Help Prevent Workplace Injuries  

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With a focus on flooring safety, Vancouver Floor Safety is proud to be members of the Global Floor Safety Network, and leaders in providing Floor Safety Products.

Vancouver Floor Safety has the Solution to greatly reduce the number of injuries, disabilities and even deaths, resulting from Slip-and-Fall Accidents caused by unsafe, unclean and slippery walking surfaces.

Safe Solutions: Floor Safety for Your BC Business

Our primary product is accurately named Safe Solution®. This is a nonslip cleaning application process that provides high-quality anti-slip qualities. It works to decrease the slippery nature of a floor caused by moisture or other factors that would cause someone to slip and fall.

Treatment with Safe Solution® permanently and invisibly changes the surface characteristics of flooring to produce the desired anti-slip effect.

Safe Solution® is recommended for use in businesses including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Pool areas
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Essentially anywhere a potential slip and fall accident can occur.

Additional Products We Provide Include…

  • Clean Step™ – An antibacterial, nontoxic, high performance, daily multipurpose cleaner and degreaser
  • TRES™ (Traction Restoring & Enhancing System) – An anti-slip rejuvenation system designed to restore & enhance traction
  • CRS™ (Cleaning & Rejuvenation System) – A specialized cleaning system, designed to revitalize and rejuvenate extremely dirty surfaces
  • ProCal 21™ – A powerful formulation for dissolving tough calcium, lime, rust, and efflorescence deposits on tile & brick

As a Floor Safety Products and Service Company, Vancouver Floor Safety is focussed on helping businesses across the Lower Mainland to prevent workplace injuries.

Learn more about our services here, or feel free to contact us by phone 604-802-4027 or email: noel@vancouverfloorsafety.com