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Clean Step™

Is a government approved industrial strength Floor Care Safety Cleaner that degreases and sanitizes as it cleans and is also used to optimally maintain the properties of a Safe Solution® anti-slip treated surface as well as handle all commercial cleaning applications. Not only is Clean Step an unmatched cleaner, it is also a cost effective alternative to stocking and using a multitude of various cleaners.

CRS ™ Cleaning & Rejuvenation System™

Is a specialized non slip cleaning and rejuvenation system, designed to revitalize and rejuvenate extremely dirty surfaces by penetrating and removing years of hardened grime, chemical, and soil build-up making the surface look like new.

Safe Solution® ~ TRES™ – Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System™

Is a proven anti-slip cleaning system designed to enhance the traction on hard mineral surfaces such as ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, and concrete. TRES™ creates invisible, microscopic channels that disperse oils and water from underfoot ensuring contact with the surface at all times, providing unsurpassed slip resistant qualities.

ProCal 21™

Is a superior calcium, lime, and efflorescence remover. ProCal 21™ removes hard mineral deposit build-up on ceramic tile surfaces, especially on pool surrounds, and also removes calcium and lime efflorescence build-up from brick.

Safe Solution® ~ TRES II™ – Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System II™

Is an anti-slip cleaning application process as above, for high gloss ceramic, polished porcelain, granite tiles, and polished untreated cement.

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