Replacing or Restoring Flooring in the Lower Mainland – Vancouver Floor Safety Can Help You Decide!

Unsure which is the better option – replacing or restoring flooring in the Lower Mainland?

Whether you are considering the massive undertaking of redoing the flooring in a commercial lobby, hotel, pool deck, public washrooms – or beyond; it is worth having the conversation with our team first.

Vancouver Floor Safety offers a variety of restorative products for various types of flooring, and can help you bring both safety and new appeal to any space in need.

Restoring Flooring in the Lower Mainland

Restoring Flooring in the Lower Mainland

When it comes to deciding between replacing or restoring flooring in the Lower Mainland, it is not a small matter nor undertaking. Not only can a floor replacement project interrupt ‘business as usual’, it also comes at a cost of lost business, as well as the overall cost of replacement.

Restoring your floors, on the other hand, can be an affordable solution. One which our Vancouver Floor Safety Floor Restoration Services include, as follows…

Tile & Grout Restoration

Our proprietary colour seal process uses a revolutionary product, known in the industry as the premium solution for transforming your old and dirty grout back to new again. Our tile and grout restoration process creates a like new appearance, while completely sealing and protecting the tile and grout from future staining.

VCT Restoration

Everguard lasts an average of 10x longer than acrylic wax with no stripping or buffing. A micro fibre mop and our Clean Step floor cleaner is all that is required to maintain your floors. Over the course of 10 years, only 2 or 3 recoats of Everguard are required, compared to an average 20-30 recoats of acrylic.

LVT Restoration

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is often marketed as elegantly designed, highly durable and easily maintained. However, the very thin factory finish is subject to premature scratches and wear without ongoing proper floor maintenance. Our LVT restoration process restores the floor to a like new appearance while providing superior wear qualities. 

If your company has been having a difficult time deciding between Replacing or Restoring Flooring in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Floor Safety would love to have a conversation with you about how our services may be able to help.

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We look forward to helping make your decision as cost-effective and solution-based as possible!