Flooring Restoration in the Lower Mainland: Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Often times our potential customer have a variety of questions surrounding our Flooring Restoration in the Lower Mainland, or the safety features and longevity of our products. So we want to address the most frequently asked questions to help provide the answers for those seeking clarification on our products, services, timeframes – and more!

Flooring Safety FAQ

Here are some of the most FAQ, as seen on our Q&A page.

Q: Could you tell me about Safe Solution® and how it works?

Safe Solution® is an invisible non-coating, micro-tech application for hard mineral surfaces such as ceramic tile, cement and, steel enameled bathtubs, designed to create an anti-slip surface.

Q: How long does it take to apply?

Overall it will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete the application and you can use your bathtub or shower immediately.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you use our follow up Clean Step™ multi-purpose cleaner, we will guarantee your bathtub or shower stall will remain Anti-Slip for minimum three years.

Q: Will Safe Solution® damage my floor?

Safe Solution® may cause a temporary whitening or efflorescence that will disappear in a short amount of time. A slight dulling effect can sometimes be seen, but a test area is always done prior to application to determine any effect it might have on the surface.

Q: How long will the Safe Solution® treatment last?

For commercial use, the protection will last up to 3 years depending on traffic patterns and maintenance – for the utmost in floor-care safety we recommend our Floor Care Safety Program with annual Anti-Slip TRES Rejuvenations.

Flooring Restoration in the Lower Mainland

Flooring Restoration in the Lower Mainland

Offering floor safety solutions, and floor restoration services across Metro Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland, is something Vancouver Floor Safety delivers on. We help businesses such as…

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Property Management Companies
  • Pool & Recreation Facilities

As well as other commercial businesses, providing anti-slip products for floors, stairs, walkways, kitchens, pool decks, change rooms, bathtubs – and more.

Apart from safety measures – for those interest in restoring their floors, this can be an affordable solution vs. complete flooring replacement. Our Vancouver Floor Safety Floor Restoration Services includes…

  • Tile & Grout Restoration
  • VCT Restoration
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)Restoration

If you are curious to learn more about our services pertaining to Flooring Restoration & Safety in the Lower Mainland, feel free to contact us by phone at 1-604-802-4027 or email noel@vancouverfloorsafety.com.

We look forward to helping you find the solution that’s right for you!