Sanitize & Secure Your Floor Safety in Vancouver Before the Rainy Season

Did you know that well over 10,000 BC residents submit claims at a cost of over $200 million in workers compensation each year? This makes slip and fall injuries one of the costliest workplace accidents in BC. Which we can help you prevent and Secure Your Floor Safety in Vancouver through a variety of products, such as Safe Solution®.

And as mentioned on our blog post: Floor Safety Products That Help Prevent Workplace Injuries, these such injuries can be mitigated…

Safe Solutions: Floor Safety for Your BC Business

Our primary product is accurately named Safe Solution®. This is a nonslip cleaning application process that provides high-quality anti-slip qualities. It works to decrease the slippery nature of a floor caused by moisture or other factors that would cause someone to slip and fall.’

Curious to know about other slip and fall concerns? Check out our statistics HERE.

Secure Your Floor Safety in Vancouver

Floor Safety in Vancouver

Treatment with Safe Solution®  permanently and invisibly changes the surface characteristics of flooring to produce an anti-slip effect that can help secure your floor safety in Vancouver – or anywhere you may be viewing our products from!

Safe Solution® is an excellent option for public, high-traffic areas within businesses such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Pool areas
  • Hotel Lobby’s
  • Restaurants
  • …and more

Flooring Restoration in the Lower Mainland: Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Q: How long will the Safe Solution® treatment last?

For commercial use, the protection will last up to 3 years depending on traffic patterns and maintenance – for the utmost in floor-care safety we recommend our Floor Care Safety Program with annual Anti-Slip TRES Rejuvenations.

Safe Solution® ~ TRES™ – Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System™

Is one of our ‘all0in-one’ anti-slip cleaning systems designed to enhance traction on hard surfaces such as a variety of tiles and cement. Click to learn more.

Sanitize Your Floors Before the Rainy Season

Clean Step™ is our government approved industrial strength cleaner that both degreases and sanitizes flooring.

Not only is Clean Step an unmatched cleaner, it is also a cost effective alternative to stocking and using a multitude of various cleaners.

If your business is seeking to optimize it’s floor safety, Vancouver Floor Safety is here to help and happy to do so!