The Cost of Unintentional Injuries in the Workplace in Canada: Safety Measures We Can Help With

The cost of unintentional injuries in the workplace in Canada is significant. From preventable injuries to illness; there are safety measure you can take, and Vancouver Floor Safety can offer a layer of assistance for that.

Unintentional Injuries in the Workplace in Canada

The cost of injury in Canada is astronomical. Not just monetarily, but also – unfortunately, in lives lost. created The Cost of Injury in Canada 2021 in collaboration with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, with support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, and they present data from 5-sections, which include…

  • The human cost of injury.
  • Costs to the health system and society.
  • Costs by cause of injury. 
  • Injury costs across the lifespan. 
  • The highest costs: Falls and transport.

Many of these injuries are preventable, and with preventative measures – could save the Canadian economy nearly 30 billion a year. 

As of 2018, preventable injuries in a single year included:

  • 17,475 deaths
  • 61,400 disabilities, temporarily or permanently impacting potential for economic independence
  • 231,530 hospitalizations
  • 4.6 million emergency department (ED) visits
  • $20.4 billion in direct health-care costs
  • $29.4 billion in total economic costs

So …What Are the Safety Measures We Can Help You Take?

Vancouver Floor Safety is here to help businesses with their floor safety measures. Slip and fall injuries are a massive contributor to significant injuries, and cost Canadian companies a lot of money. We’re here to help mitigate that through a variety of our products, including:

·      Clean Step™

…a government approved industrial strength Floor Care Safety Cleaner that degreases and sanitizes as it cleans and is also used to optimally maintain the properties of a Safe Solution® anti-slip treated surface as well as handle all commercial cleaning applications.

  • Safe Solution® ~ TRES™ – Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System™

…a proven anti-slip cleaning system designed to enhance the traction on hard mineral surfaces such as ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, and concrete.

·      Safe Solution® ~ TRES II™ – Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System II™

…an anti-slip cleaning application process as above, for high gloss ceramic, polished porcelain, granite tiles, and polished untreated cement.

Prevention is key to the cost of unintentional injuries in the workplace in Canada – and we can help. Contact us via phone @ 604-802-4027 or email: to request our safety flooring products, and stop the problem of slip and fall injuries in their tracks!

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