Vancouver Commercial Floor Safety Products for Hotels, Pool Decks, Washrooms – and More

Whether you manage a hotel, oversee a conglomerate of restaurants, are part of strata property management, or are in charge of any other commercial business across the Vancouver region; you are likely aware of the costly risks and insurance cases associated with floor safety.

Ensuring the flooring of your commercial lobby, pool deck, washrooms, stairs – or other such areas, are secure, matters. And it matters for, not just property owners, but for employees and customers alike. Which Vancouver Floor Safety is here to help with, providing safety solutions to mitigate risk and manage reputation and health.

Vancouver Commercial Floor Safety Products

Commercial Floor Safety Products

Vancouver Floor Safety provides anti-slip surface products for flooring, stairs, walkways, commercial kitchens, swimming pools decks, change rooms, bathtubs – and endless other applicable surfaces.

Our goal is to help commercial property owners mitigate insurance case risks, as well as provide:

  • Occupational Safety for Employees
  • Pre-emptive Solutions for Costly Slip and Falls to Business Owners
  • Prevention of Unintentional Injuries for Customers

As per our blog post: Floor Safety Products That Help Prevent Workplace Injuries  

Simply enter in “slip and fall injuries in BC “ in a Google search, and plenty of lawyers are at the ready to represent slip and fall cases. As seen here, where a personal injury lawyer writes:

“A homeowner or a business owner must take steps to ensure the safety of visitors like you. If an owner does not take steps to make sure you are safe, and you fall and hurt yourself, the owner is responsible for paying you for your injuries.”

Well over 10,000 BC residents submit claims at a cost of over $200 million in workers compensation each year. This makes slip and fall injuries one of the costliest workplace accidents in BC.

The good news; this is preventable – and Vancouver Floor Safety can help!

As a service provider for Vancouver Commercial Floor Safety Products, we are focussed on helping our BC-based community prevent workplace injuries, maintain an upstanding reputation and ensure customers have an injury-free experience at your place of business.

Learn more about our services here, or feel free to contact us by phone 604-802-4027 or email: