Vancouver Floor Safety: Thank You for Allowing Us to Help Lower Mainland Community!

Vancouver Floor Safety would like to extend a big ‘THANK YOU!’ to all of our communities across the Lower Mainland. You have helped to make creating safe spaces an enjoyable and rewarding business to thrive within – and it has been our pleasure to assist each and every one of our customers.

With 2022 drawing to a close, extending our sincere appreciation for those supporting local businesses matters. It not only gives back to the local economy and helps small business owners to do what they love; it also delivers a variety of services to the public that come from a place of care and passion.

Contributing to your success contributes to our success – and we thrive in such a collaborative  community!

Vancouver Floor Safety – A Year In Review

Vancouver Floor Safety

This year, Vancouver Floor Safety has had the opportunity to educate our readers on a variety of topics, including…

·      Invest in Vancouver Floor Safety & Enhance Your Business Success

·      Understanding the Legal Duties of Workplace Health and Safety in Canada

·      The Cost of Unintentional Injuries in the Workplace in Canada

·      Sanitize & Secure Your Floor Safety in Vancouver

·      Vancouver Commercial Floor Safety Products for Hotels, Pool Decks, Washrooms – and More

·      Flooring Restoration in the Lower Mainland

Vancouver Floor Safety – Products Worth Knowing About

Our products are what allows us to help you keep the flooring in your business – safe.

These products include…

Safe Solution® – a non-slip product that involves a cleaning application process, which then provides unsurpassed anti-slip qualities

Clean Step™ – an antibacterial, nontoxic, high-performance, daily multipurpose cleaner and degreaser, also delivering amazing safety benefits

TRES™ (Traction Restoring & Enhancing System) – an anti-slip rejuvenation system designed to restore and enhance traction for multi-purpose use

Curious to know more? Feel free to contact us via phone @ 604-802-4027 or email:

Your support and loyalty have been integral to our own success, and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in us. We look forward to continuing to work within the various communities across the Lower Mainland, and supporting the various businesses therein.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and we look forward to serving you in 2023!