Vancouver Floor Safety: Protect Against Slip & Fall Injuries in the Lower Mainland

Slip & Fall Injuries in the Lower Mainland

At Vancouver Floor Safety, we are here to help businesses and homeowners alike in better understanding how to protect themselves against slip and fall injuries in the Lower Mainland.

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Vancouver Floor Safety has the solution to greatly reduce the number of injuries, disabilities, and even deaths, resulting from slip and fall accidents. Whether in our immediate communities, across the country or around the world, injuries caused by unsafe, slippery walking surfaces are a factor.


All of which we’re here to help mitigate!

Slip & Fall Injuries in the Lower Mainland

There are a variety of slip and fall injuries in the Lower Mainland and across North America that are reported each year. Some of which we cover on our statistics page – including:

  • Over 540,000 Slip-Fall injuries, requiring hospital care, occur in North America each year
  • One in three serious bone breaks for seniors, resulting in death, within one year of the accident
  • Second leading cause of accidental death and disability after automobile accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents account for 30% of all reported injuries

…among many other statics you can read about here.

How Vancouver Floor Safety Can Help!

To help mitigate these accidents, injuries and even deaths; Vancouver Floor Safety provides our customers with a wide-range of solutions such as Safe Solution® and Clean Step™.

These surface coatings are invisible to the eye on your walkways, floors or tub surfaces, but are felt in the sure-footedness of your grip when standing or walking on normally slippery areas.

These protective solutions are excellent for spaces such as:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Pool areas
  • Walkways
  • Shopping districts

…and more, in industries such as restaurants, retail stores, private businesses, hotels, recreation facilities, and even your personal home.

Product Description: Which Product is Best for Your Surface

Safe Solution® – is a non-slip product that involves a cleaning application process, which then provides unsurpassed anti-slip qualities

Clean Step™ – is an antibacterial, nontoxic, high-performance, daily multipurpose cleaner and degreaser, also delivering amazing safety benefits

TRES™ (Traction Restoring & Enhancing System) – is an anti-slip rejuvenation system designed to restore and enhance traction for multi-purpose use

If floor safety is your concern – we can help. Contact us via phone @ 604-802-4027 or email:

We look forward to serving you and helping you better ensure safety for all!